Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Still-life Object Production Shoot and Printing


Last week I shot my photograph for my object project. When the day was over I had mixed feelings about how it went. I managed to take and process two photographs and had help with taking two polaroids but didn't have time to process my last two negatives. I put these in my locker over the weekend so I was unaware of how they would turn out.

Two of the photos I'd taken landscape and wasn't keen on the way they looked in that orientation. The other two were portrait and in one of them my object was not straight but luckily I ended up with one I was happy with.

I had a lot of help with my shoot because I was working with ice and water in a glass vase so this immediately made it more difficult. I was also trying to work to a desired lighting effect which had to be particularly catered to. Along the way so many light packs and leads and flashes wouldn't work when I needed them which is what too up so much time.

I ended up taking my first photograph at half past 3, an hour before the processor shut. I was worried I wouldn't be finished in time and would have to do it all over again which I really didn't want to have to do.

I am not very familiar with studio lighting and maybe if I hadn't changed my idea the night before my shoot I would have had time to ask someone about how to light my object how I needed to and be prepared for the day as this is what took so long to do. Before my shoot I'd done two test shoots. One was not a complete still life and the second I just wasn't happy with in general; it didn't work.

My best photograph:

shot at f 8.5
shutter speed 500
power 6 on bron colour pack
used a snoot, soft box and full tough spung
used a horseman and 210mm lens


Today I made my final print of my object photograph. I managed to use only 4/5 sheets of my paper to do this which I was happy about. When I did my step wedge (cyan 0, magenta, 60, yellow 80) it came out very yellow but I went back in to the darkroom and printed another test strip at 22 seconds with +40 yellow and the strip looked great despite making a mistake when exposing it and exposing it for 2.2 seconds and then 22 on top of that when I got confused with the switch which changes the value of the numbers. However, the colours were all neutral as they should have been and it was in focus and exposed perfectly.

When I came to print next, I changed it so it was exposed for 22 seconds but did not alter any colour levels. The loss of 2.2 seconds made my whole image too green so I had to -5 magenta.

Not long after this I managed to print my image at f32, for 24.2 seconds, at cyan 0, magenta 75 and yellow 100. This is my final print which I am very pleased with:

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