Sunday, 16 October 2011

Object Tutorial Outcome + Test Shot

Following my object tutorial earlier in the week, my tutor suggested my still life be an allegory of causes of Global Warming meaning the melting ice cubes would make up one part of my still life rather than be the focus of it.

My still life will represent 'Global Warming and Humanities Effect on the Earth'.

I now want to incorporate other aspects of this social issue into my still life. I've decided to use the following objects to represent these different elements:

  • melting ice cubes - melting ice caps
  • burning incense - pollution (smoke and C02)
  • a toilet roll rube - recycling (and to look like a chimney for the incense/smoke)
  • an oil can leaking - fossil fuels and oil spills
I also want to somehow represent deforestation which I believe is a large part of Global Warming so should definitely be considered in the still life.

Background, location and lighting
I have decided to shoot my objects on a blue reflective surface (to represent the sea and emphasise the objects). To do this for my test shot I used two sheets of blue textured paper, scrunched up and flattened out again to give it a more crinkled effect, laid side by side under a thin sheet of clear acetate. I have determined that to gain a clear and effective contrast with the smoke and the backdrop, the backdrop needs to be dark so I have chosen black. I used side lighting for the reflections and for the smoke. It looks powerful and enigmatic which I think fits the photograph.

The test shoot
The process of taking a test shot of my still life was frustrating. A couple of things went wrong but now I know how to do a better test shoot next time.

  • I'm going to use more paper and more acetate to cover a wider surface. This will allow me to be further away from my subjects to include more in my photograph while not having any original surface area exposed.
  • I will have a larger backdrop in the studio which will help with the above.
  • Having a larger surface area covered with the reflective surface will also means none of the water will be able to leak onto the paper as it did during the test shoot.
  • In my next photo I will have all the objects to finish my still life.
Another major aspect of my final image is that I need a large depth of field. Everything in my still life has an equal role. Much is the case of some of Thomas Struth's older work where everything in his images is sharp. I need to reciprocate this in my own.

Camera: Nikon D90

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