Monday, 10 October 2011

Developments on Object Project

My initial idea for the object part of my 'Body and Object' project is Global Warming. It is a constantly occurring social issue so I thought this would be perfect for the project and I think I can easily put my opinion across though it.

First I was trying to think of objects that could portray the simple problem of Global Warming and that people looking at my photograph would be able to draw links between. I imagined using a bicycle wheel propped up against a large bottle of water but then struggled to think of anything else significant I could use in my still life image.

I also thought about setting up my still life on and with backdrop rolls of blue and green as these are Earthly colours. However, I didn't want it to make my photograph look unprofessional; especially using two different colours. If I was to set objects up with these colours they may not be able to be portrayed as nicely with the colours as they would with black and white backdrops.

The idea I really want to work with is melting ice on a reflective surface. I think melting ice would look really interesting in a photograph, and obviously, it relates to the biggest issue of Global Warming - the melting ice caps. I don't think this is too cryptic an idea either which I'm pleased about. The reflective surface the ice would be melting on would be simply to emphasise the effect of the ice melting in the photograph but could also represent the sea in it's reflective appearance. To really reflect the sea I could use something reflective which is blue - this would make it more realistic and relative and also add some colour to the photograph.

This is the idea I really want to work on and develop further if I can. I plan to find something to base the ice on by the end of this week and also have done a test shot to see if it works as a photograph.

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