Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Environment Series Research - Simon Ward

Much in the way my idea for my environment series involves portraying the beauty in something usually not associated with that quality, Simon Ward, a fine art contemporary photographer; scans objects taken from graveyards and dead animals to make "aesthetically beautiful and memorable images". I'm not sure whether I personally agree with this comment but I know some people will be able to appreciate the beauty of something in death. I hope through my photographs I can achieve the same.

He also did a project called 'The Guardians' where he collected items from children's graves and scanned them. It is said that "the objects function as an attempt to compensate for the loss by creating something tangible, a receptacle for the placing of memories".

I find Ward's work too controversial for me. I don't agree with the fact he has stolen things from graves where people have lovingly left them in memory just to create scans. I would have much preferred to look at photographs taken of these items in their original environment where no interference has occurred. I wouldn't say his images of his late pet cat are in bad taste but I don't agree with them and I don't feel anything positive while looking at them. I don't particularly think it is a respectful thing to do with a dead animal; especially domesticated.

Simon Ward deals greatly with the theme of death in his work and where the locations of my environmental images holds these connotations too, I do not want to focus on it. I want to show the aesthetic beauty within my locations through capturing them in a way that is overall positive and so that people appreciate the beauty in them rather than what they usually mean.

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