Thursday, 12 January 2012

Critical Appraisal: The Urban Environment (300 words)

For my urban environment series I documented the process of development and have showed how humanity rebuilds, improves and changes their urban space, as I am interested in the idea of positive change and development in general.

Having changed my idea at a late stage, I did not have much influence other than my surroundings and how I perceived them but John Davies’ work documenting Britain’s industrialisation with a similar concept to my own would have most likely inspired me to document urban space in Britain like I have. An issue that could have arisen within this project would have been making sure each photograph compliments the others and they all work together. I’ve approached this by making each image correspond to the next as my series documents on topic and its change over time.

My photographic choices concerning the visual elements of the series were: to photograph in black and white which suits the topic more in my opinion; to use a large depth of field to include a lot of detail in my work because I wasn’t isolating anything in particular but photographing whole scenes; and to use the right angle for each image to showcase it best such as slightly elevated for the first image of wasteland and from a street level looking upwards for the middle image to show the scaffolding as I saw it.

For this project specifically I think I need to reflect upon managing my studies better and give myself the maximum amount of time to allow for changes. The most significant challenge in this unit was drawing inspiration from other work, as I seemed to simply perceive the urban space and visualise my photographs straight away so my work lacks input from others. However, I am happy with how my series works.

John Davies' work:

My Urban Series:

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