Friday, 23 December 2011

Critical Appraisal: The Body (300 words)

The concept behind my portrait was to photograph a colourful personality and style. Shooting black and white allowed me to get across her own perception of herself and not mine as much as possible. My intention was for the viewer to really see her, not just how she looks. As well as this, I had almost no input in my models choice of styling or her expression; I simply posed her in conjunction with my reference.

I drew my inspiration mainly from Paolo Roversi - the posture and lighting choice from this image of the actress Tilda Swinton. 

I admired the gradient background and highlights. Having decided this was what I’d work with; I looked into the lighting set up. I also appreciated Rembrandt lighting and managed to incorporate this too into my photograph. The most important factor I have learnt from my reference has to be how to achieve certain lighting and how it can transform the mood of a portrait. For example, the highlight and triangle of lighting I have achieved on my model’s face comes across to me as particularly expressive.

I tried to prepare as much as possible before the shoot date. I found my visual reference early on and I did a lighting test before the real shoot, which allowed me to view changes that needed to be made before my model arrived. I believe I should reflect upon my studio set up which quite often becomes more complicated than I imagine it and I should always cater to that possibility. Capturing my models best side, best feature and the most natural and comfortable pose from my contact sheet overcame issues relating to the Body. The most significant challenge was achieving the right effect with my lighting choice and I am pleased with my outcome. 

My Portrait: (soft scan)

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