Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Urban Environment: Initial ideas

I have chosen to photograph urban decay and abandoned space for the urban part of my Environment project. I want to do this because it is the opposite of what I usually like to photograph but I believe it can still look good aesthetically. At the moment I am between two ideas.
  • I want to either photograph abandoned buildings, preferably parts of the interiors, in black and white with high contrast. 
  • I want to photograph abandoned places decorated with graffiti, in colour and produce bright, vibrant images.

Before I realised what I want to photograph I searched for photos of urban environments for initial inspiration and a black and white photograph of an abandoned interior caught my eye:

If I photograph in black and white I'd like a series of images of high contrast with one or a few sources of natural lighting much like the above image with big shadows and highlights.

However, I am also very interested in the contrast between the random graffiti shapes and the geometric lines and patterns etc. of buildings such as below. I think the image is effective because the plain, repetitive structure of the columns look good together with the graffiti.

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