Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Body Project: Initial Ideas

My model's style is very unique, colourful and outgoing. Despite my portrait being black and white I think I can convey this still through her interesting clothing and possibly props of her choice. My approach to this project is to ask her opinion concerning artistic aspects and shoot these if I agree with them.

The most effective way to take her portrait I feel would be to really showcase who she is; how she perceives herself. I want to make it real and expressive so it is captivating for an audience.

Inspiration: Paolo Roversi

This portrait utilises an unusual and flattering pose with bright lighting and little shadow. In the case of facial expression and emotion it is not easy to see this because the photograph is of the woman’s profile which I feel is a slight drawback. I want to make the most of emotion in my portrait.

I have chosen this side on view of only the face because it is an interesting angle and an interesting take on a portrait. For my model particularly with a shaved and short hairstyle and various ear piercings this will really showcase her style.

I admire the soft diffused lighting in the last portrait and the emotive pose. This seems really genuine and I’d possibly like my portrait to be the same. The painterly style ties in with the emotion, softening the whole image.

Each pose Roversi has shot his subjects in could work for my shoot – showcasing my model’s style. I’m still deciding what kind of pose to shoot.


  1. Hello, may I have permission to use the picture of the model's face from a side profile as a reference for a surrealism drawing I'd like to do? I really like your blog! Your photographs have their own atmosphere to them. Best wishes xx

    1. Hi, these images are actually just pictures I found on google images. This particular post was inspiration for my own work (I am studying photography at uni).