Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Critical Appraisal: The Object (300 words)

Upon being asked to create a still-life concerning a current social issue, the concept of my photograph is a significant contributor to Global warming; the melting ice caps. Everybody seems to be aware of it and understand how it is affecting our planet. Through this I also display rising sea levels by photographing the melting ice floating on the surface; aiming to visually recreating the scene as it would be occurring.

Through my research I discovered that some people call the issue of Global Warming a theory. Others believe it is fact. One strong viewpoint is that natural climatic adjustment is causing the changes in our Earth and that this is inevitable. For this reason I wanted to portray Global Warming from a somewhat outside perspective as I was unsure of where my loyalties lay on this particular issue. I managed my studies through taking advantage of gaps in my day and spending time in the library doing my research and taking my whole idea to the tutorial to enable me to really explain my idea and receive developed feedback to help me.

The most challenging thing about creating my image was lighting it. I back lit my photograph specifically to create this glow which represents the sun and it's affect over this social issue. It plays an important role in my photograph as well as simply lighting my image. The use of a snoot on a light head being directed through full tough spung allowed me to successfully create my desired effect as well as utilising a soft box overhead to prevent reflection from the glass.

To improve I would consider incorporating more colours into my image; lack of time prevented me from doing this. However, I am happy with the almost neutral, cold feel which my image holds.

My still-life: (line only on scan)

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