Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Fashion: constructed image - Our Concept (Film)

Since being assigned the brief for our constructed fashion image project, we have been developing our idea and researching concepts for a week now.

We spent 2 days producing A2 mood boards full of visual references that related to our chosen category - film. We had a range of images involved in our findings from black and white surrealist film stills to fashion images of Tim Walkers' to a number of images involving hoarding and collections dealing with the obsessive side of personalities. Having such a vast range of references was good and bad. We had a bigger choice but then we had to narrow it down a lot to what we really wanted our image to be about.

Upon displaying our presentation on Friday, we have realised we still need to make a lot of decisions about our narrative, aesthetics and the general photographic choices we will employ for our final image. We will also refine our idea, which is explained in our presentation below:

video coming

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