Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Output Task - Planning our Newspaper

As a group, we have decided to take inspiration from the '50s Photo Dictionary'. We admired the mix between handwritten and typed text and the difference in layout between images, but mainly the minimal theme involving lots of white space around the images.

For my input in the newspaper, each of my images will be on the left hand page of a double spread; placed in the centre of the page with lots of white space surrounding it. I will add hand-written captions detailing the prices of what I have photographed because these are important to my concept and will help readers to understand my concept and the meaning behind it.

These are the captions I will hand write for each image:

Large 3 seat leather reclining sofa: £57
Average price new: £1500

Solid wood table: £60
Average price new: £500

Large solid wood chair: £35
Average price new: £100

'BC Rich' electric guitar: £147
Average price new: £600

'Marshall' amp: £30
Average price new: £200

The following articles are what I want to be used to compliment my images in my part of the newspaper, in order, and in conjunction with each image:

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