Thursday, 5 April 2012

Fashion Constructed Image: Progress

Concept summary: The dark side of the American Dream.

After having many meetings about our narrative and the construction of our set, our concept has developed further towards the breakdown of this perfection.

Changes we have made:

  • Rather than use a nuclear family in our set in the sense of a mother, father and two children, we are taking this into the nuclear homes context where there is the notion of destruction and futility.
  • We thought about the use of mannequins rather than real people to make up the family but having not been able to source any and and testing how our set build would look with 4 characters, we realised this looked too crowded and took away the desired simplicity.
  • We originally decided to build and shoot a clean, simple set. Now we are considering the incorporation of sand into our set blowing in from the desert outside. This will tie in this perfect American Dream with the nuclear towns built only for one purpose.
  • We have decided to involve a window and an open door in our image to provoke the feeling of looking in and also to contextualise our photo.

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